Paternity Leave.

Look at this picture and tell me what is wrong with it?

Ok so I am a Woman who wants a family eventually. Right now I am building my career and want to have at least one child when I’m in my mid 30’s, there is nothing wrong with that. In my career I will eventually have the potential to earn a lot more than my partner, I also have no desire to be a stay at home mum. This does not mean that I want my child to be in daycare all day everyday, it means I want my partner to be entitled to Paternity leave.

Why is this not yet an option? I am considering not having children if this doesn’t change, am I weird or is society so behind in this? Look at the above picture, the poor man can’t even go into a public bathroom to change his child, it’s just assumed that women will predominantly look after the child so therefore they include the change tables in women’s toilets – this actually makes me outraged.

Tell me you thoughts…?

2 thoughts on “Paternity Leave.

  1. Yeah, it’s disappointing. I’ve heard they don’t have changing tables made available to them either. Instead, I’m seeing more family bathrooms. It’s also frustrating to hear when fathers/grandfathers boast that they’ve never changed a diaper. That said, I do think it’s slowly changing. – Em

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